Sustainable fashion library updated with new visuals


10 new diagrams and illustrations added library

The visual library is updated with 11 new illustration’s diagrams and overviews, and are a part of the eco fashion dictionary  a-z. The visuals are available for free download in the library. The recent post on the blog has been discussing nanotechnology in fashion. Therefore, many of the terms are related to everything’s prefix nano. Below a list of useful links in the dictionary. Eco fashion dictionary a-z updated with 32 term April 2015

Biopolymer diagram
Bioremediation overview
Microstructure (fibre)illustration
Nanoscale overview
Nanomaterials overview
Nanotechnology concept system overview
Nanotechnology time lines
Natural attenuation illustration
Systematic approach (design) overview

Kenneth Lyngaas
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Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
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