Sustainable fashion summer school, daily green terms for fashion and sustainable living


Daily green terms for fashion and sustainable living

With more than 350 terms on sustainable fashion the eco fashion dictionary a-z is a key editorial feature on the blog, during the next two summer months this  a key term from the dictionary will be highlighted and presented.

Todays term human capital

Human capital generally refers to the well-being, health and productive potential of individual people and includes physical and mental health, education, motivation, and professional skills. Human capital elements do not only contribute to a happy and healthy society, but also improve the opportunities for economic development through a productive workforce.
Human Capital includes besides a term called man-made-capital (roads, bridges, houses, machines and economic assets also known as financial capital). Human capital is one of the three pillars in an economic sustainable theory, the two other pillars named social capital (justice, education, democracy) and nature capital (food, water, waste, atmosphere).  Related terms green economy, social capital,  human needs. Recommended post; nature capitalism an approach to sustainable fashion design


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