June updates, new diagrams added sustainable fashion library


New diagrams added the sustainable fashion library

Sustainable fashion library added new diagrams, the information making it easier to understand terminologies updated in the eco fashion dictionary. As much as 70 diagrams (countless hour’s) download in large formats (1600×1200) made; you only need to sign up to the library as an e-mail subscriber. Your mail address will not be sold, transferred or used commercially; library illustrations and diagram’s design is by Kenneth’s  Buddha jeans.  The library content  will hopefully be updated monthly. However, since the budgets are limited, the blog is done besides regular workload.


Best practice
Carbon finance
Cradle to gate diagram
Green chemistry diagram
Sustainable consumption diagram



Kenneth Lyngaas
Sustainable fashion designer & eco-philosopher Sustainable fashion dedicated the twenty-first-century green living, design for change through system thinking, eco philosophy, spirituality, and sustainability.
Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
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