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New updates Eco fashion dictionary March 2014

The Eco fashion dictionary is updated with more than 20 new terminologies within sustainable fashion and  general environmental terms.In addition, most of the diagrams and illustrations  can be downloaded  in large formats and used without any permission.  The diagram is a part of the new sustainable fashion library; where contents within Eco fashion, slide’s presentation, links, diagrams, videos and external green resources  is shared. The following terms are added, please click on links below.

Better Work Initiative

Better work is a ground-breaking partnership program  between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The program aims to improve compliance  labour standards and competitiveness in global supply chains.  Read more..


When private companies that produce pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, flavouring, fragrances, and industrial enzyme s seek plant material to integrate into their commercial products, their undertaking is often termed bioprospecting. Read more..

C3 plants

Plants that produce a three-carbon compound during photosynthesis, including most trees and agricultural crops such as rice, wheat, soybeans, potatoes and vegetables. Read more..

C4 plants

Plants, mainly of tropical origin, that produce a four-carbon compound during photosynthesis, including many grasses and the agriculturally important crops maize, sugar cane, millet and sorghum. Read more..

Degradable plastics

Plastics specifically developed for special products that are formulated to break down after exposure to sunlight or microbes. Read more..

Dryland Farming

Dry land farming is rain fed agriculture in dry or semi-arid areas, and growing crops and raising livestock without irrigation in semiarid and dry sub humid areas with minimal rainfall. Read more..

Good Governance

Good Governance is the systems and processes of management that govern an organization’s behaviour and conduct. Governance covers accountability, auditing, transparency (openness), reporting and disclosure, responsibilities and representation of various stakeholders (including shareholders, board of directors, advisory boards, employees, etc.) Read more ..

Indigenous peoples

Indigenous peoples are often considered synonymous with aboriginal, tribal, or native peoples, and some would characterize the phrase even more broadly. There have been countless attempts to define the term “indigenous peoples,”

Innovation in textiles is the leading free content online resource for the technical textiles industry. With the latest updates and innovations in fabrics, manufacturing processes, and development, their unique content, comments and features make it worth reading. Read more..

Material recovery

Extraction of materials from the waste stream for reuse or recycling. Examples include source separation, front-end recovery, in-plant recycling, post combustion recovery, leaf composting, and so on. Read more..

Methane (CH4)

Methane has many sources, both natural and human-related, but just two major sinks: its destruction in the atmosphere, and its use by certain soil bacteria. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, each kg. emitted to the atmosphere having a global warming potential (GWP) 23 times greater than that of a kg. of carbon dioxide over a 100-year time horizon.


Not capable of being recycled or used again.

PAT equation

One of the symptoms of growth fetishism is tunnel vision, a condition that prevents those affected from seeing any solution to the greenhouse problem other than a technological one. We can understand the burden this places on technology using the famous IPAT equation.I = P × A × T  Read more..


The leaves of plants convert carbon dioxide, water, and nutrient chemicals into plant food via a process called photosynthesis. Without this process there would be little or no life on the planet.

Scrap Products

Products that have completed their useful life, such as appliances, cars, construction materials, ships, and post consumer steel cans; also includes new scrap materials that result as by-products when metals are processed and products are manufactured. Read more..

Sensorial design

Sensorial Design is a term used to include the presentation of an experience in all senses. For example, Visual Design only covers visual expression and presentation to the visual sense. Read more..

Soil Carbon

A major component of the terrestrial biosphere pool in the carbon cycle. The amount of carbon in the soil is a function of the historical vegetative cover and productivity, which in turn is dependent in part upon climatic variables. Read more..

Waste stream

Describes the total flow of solid waste from homes, businesses, institutions, and manufacturing plants that must be recycled, burned, or disposed of in landfills; or any segment thereof, such as the residential waste stream or the recyclable waste stream. Read more..

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