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Images from various sources thanks and  lookbooks Kenneth buddha Jeans

Fashion look books  and youth culture from the 1970s

Dirtbags is one of many posts about youth movements and fashion from the 1970s with the main focus on style and looks. Earlier posts are biker culture in America, the hippie’s movement, and pioneers of skateboarders in California around 1975 – 1979. Other important movements and happenings were the punk culture, disco and club culture in New York, 1978 and the mod revival in 1979 that will be posted in the following weeks.

1970s dirtbags

In the 1970s at the same time as the skateboarders (Z-Boys from of Santa Monica, California) pushing their limits using the dried-out pools in L.A as the playground, another group of young people from California escaped the city heat and headed for the mountains. These youngsters should soon be named dirtbags. They lived in their cars, tents or next to the campfire and when the money ended they sold whatever they had to focus on one thing climbing. Their lifestyles made them legends in the United States and beyond. Their lives were full of camaraderie, freedom and nonconformity; they climbed hard and most spectacular routes with the minimal use of gear and revolutionized climbing sport. Read also from the blog needsupply


Images the Stonemasters: California Rock Climbers in the Seventies (T. Adler Books/Stonemaster Press) and various sources thanks and  lookbooks Kenneth buddha Jeans

Dirtbags and skateboarders in California

The dirtbag lifestyle made a massive impact on 1970′s youth culture across the world, and in many ways they have a lot of common to the skateboard culture in California. They lived for the present and were connected unlike young wasted people elsewhere in 70’s. In many ways, they pioneered an alternative way of living in America without nine to five working hours, shopping malls and less focus on materialism. Dirtbags were Stonemasters and ground breakers of free climbing in Yosemite Valley, California and soon made the impact on European free climbing and generation of French solo climbers with people such as Patrick Edlinger. 


Images the Stonemasters: California Rock Climbers in the Seventies (T. Adler Books/Stonemaster Press) and various sources thanks and  lookbooks Kenneth buddha Jeans

In the 1970s if you were a climber, you were a dirtbag — the lifestyle demanded it. These young hippies surviving on a big sack of corn meal and canned food in order to climb full time, living outside the camps of Yosemite’s or in the wide-open desert of Joshua Tree. Their love and devotion to their sport have many similarities with the pioneering skateboarders; their devotion became more than just the sport. They created a lifestyle of their own, a brand-new set of codes, styles and fashions to be recognized by alike all over the world; except that, few people know the importance how dirtbags were a large impact to outdoor activities and development of climbing equipment.


1970s dirtbags product lookbooks one Kenneth buddha Jeans

1970s dirtbags DNA Climber

Event: mountains of Yosemite
Fashion: 1970s Californian youth style, climbing long sun-bleached hair, bandanas, hair band six, shades, cutoff jeans and corduroys climbing gear
Transportation: vans and (big) cars
Heroes: Mike Graham, Robs Muir, Gib Lewis, Bill Antel, Jim Hoagland, Tobin Sorenson, John Bachar, John Long, Rick Accomazzo, John Yablonski and Richard Harrison
Homes: Nature, Van, camping
Music: nature and all 1970s rock
Place: Yosemite camp, wide-open desert Joshua tree
Drugs: nature and dope smoking
Attitude: DIY, free spirit, proud, fearless, outsiders, comrades, open lifestyle, joyful, unity, connected and present


1970s dirtbags product lookbooks rwo Kenneth buddha Jeans

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About Patrick Edlinger (died 52 years old)  is to me the finest climber ever lived, to meet him around 1984 in Chamonix and have the pleasure to climb and ski together is one of the best moments in my life. Read more about Patrick Guardian. Hi bloggers, these lookbooks and posts take an awful lot of time, appreciate your politeness to ask me for permission for using the product lookbooks, thanks Kenneth

Recommended books and more
Highly Recommended photo book The Stonemasters: California Rock Climbers in the Seventies” (T. Adler Books/Stonemaster Press).

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