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Denim dictionary updates. Illustrations Kenneth buddha Jeans

New terminologies added to the denim dictionary

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Carpenter jeans

Carpenter Jeans.  Denim Dictionary buddha Jeans

Carpenter jeans are jeans with many loops and pockets used to carry tools. Carpenter jeans have a loose fit and are often loose around the leg to be able to accommodate the affixed items. They are most worn by carpenter and construction. However, work wear was trendy in the late 90s and early 2000s, mostly among the hip hop crowd and carpenter became the work wear jeans. Carpenter jeans are usually made of blue denim; at the same time, canvas may be the material in more durable styles, and colors.


Sta-Prest-jeans-details. Denim Dictionary buddha Jeans

In 1964, Levi Strauss Co. introduced a new fit and invention, jeans with permanent sharp front crease. A plant in Knoxville, Tennessee made Sta Prest; it became a huge trend and almost overnight youngsters across United States wore them. By the end of the 60s virtually every American teenage was wearing Levi’s Sta Prest jeans as part of their lean Ivy League look. Sta Prest came in many colors from deep black to Kaki. The tab was black with a gold letter.

Anti-fit jeans

501-jeans-anti-fit 1955. Denim dictionary buddha Jeans

Anti-Fit is one of the characterize features of the 501 Levi’s Jeans and been with the jeans since 1890. It’s a way of cutting the rise of the Jean in a straight line and not contrary to curving, which gives the 501 distinguish top block. Made this way as an outcome to maximize every inch of the denim fabric. The anti-fit does not the curve around your body; it hangs on the hips and usually worn two sizes too big. In addition, the advantage is great comfort and more space behind the seat which makes them popular for skateboarders.

Sugar cane denim jeans

Sugar Cane Jeans. Denim Dictionary buddha Jeans

Sugar Cane Jeans constructed of fibres derived from the plant that gave rise to the brand-name Sugar Cane. In 1947, Levi XX 501 button fly, five pocket selvage dungarees was made by sugarcane. Since sugarcane is a fiber derived from a plant it produced amino acids and enzymes, when the jean worn over time the sugarcane fiber tended to make very nice denim yield fade marks, whiskering and deep distressed recognized and gives a vintage feel. Most brands producing jeans with sugarcane are in the top end of the denim market often Japanese brands.

Stitch setting

Stitch-setting. Denim Dictionary buddha Jeans

Stitches of jeans is not only to keep the cloth together it also serves as decoration and to create visual effects. For example, the stitches on the back pockets can make the hip look much smaller. By manipulating the texture, colors, thickness and position of these stitches settings a variety of different looks can be achieved for a pair of jeans.


Hemming of the jeans. Denim Dictionary buddha Jeans

Hemming of legs of jeans can often be a complicated process, with embroidered and beads creating patterns inlaid in the hemming. However, it can be simple by using different colored threads to do the hemming. This creates a striking look even for casual jeans with connection of colors on both sides of the denim cloth.

 POST Kenneth buddha Jeans

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