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Environmental quotes. Buddha. Illustrations Kenneth, Copyrights apply.

[quote]A jug fills drop by drop. Buddha[/quote] 


Water is the most precious gift to all people on this planet and should be shared equally among all people. I work with denim Jean’s production who demands a lot of water and chemical. A lot of these processes can be avoided. Help me help charity water make the fashion business understand  importance of clean water. Buddha Jeans believe everyone has the right to clean, safe drinking water. since 2006, charity: water has funded water projects around the world to help millions of people get access to water, hygiene education and improved sanitation.

The water crisis
Nearly 800 million people around the world are living with no access to clean water. More people die from lack of clean water and sanitation each year than are killed by all forms of violence, including war.

Jean’s production and water.
Jean’s production demands a lot of water and chemicals that are not always good for the environment. Another unnecessary consumer product is plastic bags. Therefore, I have designed two Eco Tote bags for sale on my blog. 25% of the sales go to Charity Water. They cost only $7 each and are a good way to help charity water and stop using plastic bags. They will be available for sale this week

We have designed two Eco Tote Bags The Earth Is Alive and you must be the change to support our reduce washing jeans campaign

Reduce Washing Jeans Campaign
Buddha Jeans is fundraising Charity Water, and our goal is to raise $500. Information about our reduced washing jean’s campaign visit and Charity Water Read more about the water project.

[button link=”http://my.charitywater.org/reduce-washing-jeans” color=”blue”]REDUCE WASHING JEANS CAMPAIGN[/button]

POST AND ILLUSTRATIONS: Kenneth buddha Jeans

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I run this blog on my spare time, besides my regular work. It takes a lot of time, no money and does not give much of an income to cover expenses as servers, reliable plugins etc. However, you can help me. If you are about to purchase any green, sustainable, fashion design books or videos click links to the Eco lifestyle store. I get a small contribution from traffic and sales. The prices, service and delivery terms are guaranteed by amazon.com. Your actions can make me spend more time, get better server bandwidth and be able to serve my bloggers with quality and self-produced content in the future. I believe original and creative work is finest; this takes time and effort. In advance, thanks for your support and hopefully you will pay another visit to the blog soon. Please take time to make a comment if you like; negative as well as positive feedbacks are appreciated. My mother tongue is not English so bear in mind that the written language might not always meet your high standard. Nobody is perfect. Wish you happy Karma Yoga Kenneth Buddha Jeans.
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Sustainable fashion designer dedicated the twenty-first century green living, design for change through eco philosophy, spirituality and sustainability. We live in a time of transition, what we are today come from our thoughts of yesterday. The bridge to a better sustainable future could only make possible from our thoughts and action. Our life is the creation of our mind.


Visionary creative director, founder of buddha jeans, spokesperson #sustainable #fashion, philosophy & spirituality for the 21st century sustainable community.
H&M announces 5 winners of the Global Change Award https://t.co/KWLJ9VVNdL https://t.co/JikkfQWOKv - 3 days ago

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Founder of buddha Jeans Company, editor of the blog sustainable fashion design by buddha Jeans and the daily newspaper sustainableFASHION//buddhaJeans. I dig deep about denim culture, fashion, spirituality & philosophy for the 21st century sustainable community.