Earth Day 2013. Illustrations Kenneth buddha Jeans

Chronically environmental happenings 1970 – 1980

Eco lifestyle and sustainable fashion today could not have flourished if it was not for the early environmental activists in the 70’s. It was the most politically, important and exiting decade who young people dared to speak against the established. The new breeds of pioneers in modern environmentalism finally manage to get heard from the grey masses in the society. The important environmental organization Earth day (1970), WWF (1974), Green Peace was founded in the 1970′s.

TV made the world look small

The world became smaller every day; globally the importance of TV became essential as they covered stories not only happening locally but internationally. The end of the Vietnam War in 1975, the terrorism in Europe escalated with the Baader Meinhof group later The Red Army Faction and IRA in Northern Ireland they expressed their political view with ultra-Violence.
Small is beautiful & ecology of wisdom
Books of importance regarding the environment and modern lifestyle were published. The outstanding book Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered by E.F. Schumacher in 1973. The Norwegian philosopher, climber, boxer, Renaissance man Arne Næss Arne Næss published Ecology of Wisdom. The book is rooted in the view of world as whole and connected, as in the view of Gandhi and Buddhism. The Earth first! The organization works within a deep Ecology framework.

Fashion expressed opinions and became a political tool

In the 1950′s youth culture with Elvis, Brando & James Dean gave the voice to new generation of youngsters, stars who they could identify their delusion and teenage angst. However, youth culture certainly most important and exiting decade was the 70’s. Fashion was not only a way of expression belonging to a tribe; it became political tool as well.

Young people did not need to scream load to express their political opinions, hippies said no to the Vietnam wars, yes to drugs simply by their uniforms. The punk youth movement who started in 1975 was a voice against the established, bands as Sex Pistols manage to shake up the English royalties and turned prime minister Margaret Thatcher into a Valium express. Sex Pistols was regarded by the British government as state enemy number one when punk culture was at its highest in UK.

1970-1980 environmental battle became mass, millions of people stated marching through the streets and the biggest organizations as Greenpeace, WWF, and Earth day were founded in the most political decade of the last century.

What happened in 1970?

National Environmental Policy Act signed creating the Council on
Environmental Quality (CEQ)
General Motors president promises pollution free cars by 1980
Earth Day celebration organized. Millions of Americans demonstrate – air & water cleanup preserve nature.
Clean Air Act is passed. Natural Resources Defense Council
Friends of the Everglades founded Federation founded.
Environmental Protection Agency as President Nixon signs enabling legislation
Welfare National Air Pollution Control Administration established
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration formed
Occupational Health and Safety Administration set standards exposure hazardous substances.

The hippie movement was strong from the beginning of the 1970’s, It started with peace and love and ended with punk culture, from Woodstock in 1969 to the most violence modern terrorist actions in Germany when Baader Meinhof (later Rote Armee Fraktion) which is held responsible for 296 bomb attacks, arson and other attacks between 1973 and 1995.

What happened in 1971?

Clean Air Act 1970. Auto industry might collapse because of antipollution laws, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce that entire industries might collapse because of antipollution laws, citing in particular the effect on the auto industry of the 1970 Clean Air Act
The organization Greenpeace is founded. Its initial mission is to oppose atomic-testing Alaska.
Greenpeace sets out from Vancouver protest US nuclear testing Alaska. The action sets off global environmental protests.
Environmental books of the year.
Barry Commoner, The Closing Circle, argues that misuse of pesticides is eroding foundation of natural systems.The Closing Circle: Nature, Man, and Technology Hunter, Robert The Storming Of The Mind. McClelland and Stewart.
and The storming of the Mind

1970-american-biker-culture-was rooted in the late 1950’s and in particular the movie Easy Rider 1969 with Jack Nicolson, Fonda and Denis hopper was influencing the American freedom travelling on the highways from coast to coast.

What happened in 1972?

Buffalo Creek disaster floodwaters’ that broke killing 125 people and leaving 4,000 homeless need for ethics in engineering.
Established Federal Water Pollution Control, Coastal Zone Management , Ocean Dumping, Marine Mammal Protection Act and Toxic Substances Control Act
Environmental books of the year
Only One Earth: The Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet ONLY ONE EARTH: The Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet
We are not sleepwalkers or sheep. We may be learning just in time

The climbers of Yosemite a fashion statement from the 1970’s

What happened in 1973?

Planet Drum Foundation founded
80 nation’s sigs convention on international trade in endangered species, a what can be considered Magna Carta for wildlife.
Endangered Species Act becomes law in the U.S
Arab oil embargo panics U.S. and European consumers; prices quadruple.
Conservatives favor nuclear and coal sources; liberals explore alternatives.
President Nixon believes that US can be energy independent by 1980.
US Congress approves Alaska Oil pipeline.
Himalayan villagers stop loggers from cutting down fragile and eco environment vulnerable horm beam trees,
Endangered Species Act
Environmental books of the year 1973:
E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered

973 denim suits, Levi's, flat front, flares and sneakers

What happened in 1974

F. Sherwood Rowland and Mario J. Molina truth of (CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons) break up ozone/catalytic cycle in Nature.
Rowland and Molina win the Nobel Prize for chemistry in later 1995 and German atmospheric scientist Paul J. Crutzen.
Congress passes Safe Drinking Water Act to be administered by EPA.
Karen Silkwood dies in a suspicious accident, wrote as New York Times documents concerning safety problems at the Kerr-McGee nuclear weapons facility in Crescent, Oklahoma.
World watch Institute founded.
Environmental books of the year
We Almost Lost Detroit. About the 1956 controversy over building a fast breeder reactor in Laguna Beach We almost lost Detroit and the book by Ivan Illich, Energy and Equity Energy and Equity (Open Forum)

In California when the skateboard culture started with today’s old school stars Peralta and Steve Caballero . Images Hugh Holland courtesy M+B Gallery, Los Angeles

What happened in 1975?

Atlantic salmon return – Connecticut River after 100 year absence.
Congress Hazardous Waste Transportation Act
The Phyllis Cormack, today Greenpeace, heads out of Vancouver’s English Bay for The Great Whale Conspiracy. The Campaign catches the global media and Whaling Commission by surprise; this was the end of commercial whaling.Encyclopedia of the U.S. Government and the Environment [2 Volumes]: History, Policy, and Politics
Environmental books of the year 1975:
Edward Abbey, the Monkey Wrench Gang. About eco-guerillas who plot to blow up the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona.The Monkey Wrench Gang (Penguin Modern Classics)
Edwin Way Teale, Naturalist Buys an Old FarmNATURALIST BUYS OLD FARM
and E. Wilson, SociobiologySociobiology: The New Synthesis

The fashion ads in the 1970's was often very provocative

Chronically environmental happenings 1975 – 1980

We were hippies in 1970′s

We were hippies in 1970; my hair was long; worn out, and my brown corduroy boot cut jeans and Tunica from Greece looked good Late 1975 my hair was cut and shaved into a Mohawk, 501 jeans and lengthy DR Martens. My leather jacket painted with punk slogans in white car paint, and my nose got a pin in it. Gone were the drugs and flowers, we replaced it with pints of lager and stones. The alcohol made us mad about anger as we somehow needed to balance the love we gave as hippies. Sex Pistols was larger than life and when the band song; “God saves the queen” on the boat at the river Thames that night when the queen celebrated. We ruled Britannia, and punks ruled the world. Punk was soon over for me, in 1977 came a band which called themselves Clash. Their music was intelligent and style genius. Never before in the history had music changed the world as the punk movement, we woke up from a dream as we listen on the radio that played California dreaming.

The Clash, Baader Meinhof, mods and amphetamine

By the end of the 70s, the dark reality of terrorism, fear and violence ruled. Nevertheless, The Clash changed my look and the way I dressed for the first time I started to spend money on fashion. In 1979 came the film Quadrophenia with the mod revival, the pills got different names but made everything go fast and everything I did make me into a superior super hero; my Parka was two sizes too big covering not only me but my Vespa as well. Read the post about punk tees and how to make them. Tees’s icon one of the punk movements, the fashion revolution started with Vivienne Westwood, Sex Pistols and the Clash

The Jam made us go “down to the station at midnight and as the song” “going underground” played the decade was over, and I felt 1000 years older. She woke me up and said; do you want to marry me? I realized I was no longer a teenager but a man.

What happened in 1975?

Punk cuture on the images a few of the key people, Richard Branson, Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten and Vivienne Westwood

Atlantic salmon return – Connecticut River after 100 year absence.
Congress Hazardous Waste Transportation Act
The Phyllis Cormack, today Greenpeace, heads out of Vancouver’s English Bay on behalf of The Great Whale Conspiracy. The Campaign catches the global media and Whaling Commission by surprise; this was the end of commercial whaling.
Environmental books of the year 1975:
Edward Abbey, the Monkey Wrench Gang.(The Monkey Wrench Gang) By Abbey, Edward (Author) Paperback on 01-Dec-2006
Naturalist Buys an Old Farm A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm
and E. Wilson, SociobiologySociobiology: The New Synthesis

What happened in 1976?

Taxi Driver is a 1976 film about a mentally unstable Vietnam war veteran played by Robert de Niro who works as nighttime taxi driver in New York whose perceived decadence and sleaze feeds his urge to violently lash out.

Passive resistance logging in Brazil’s Amazon region, rubber tappers would form a human chain in the forest against the oncoming chain saws which displaced them.
Regulate leaded gasoline US phase out 1979. The lead phase out in summer 1979, half of all US gasoline is unleaded.
Catastrophic man-made failure caused the damage of millions and death of 14 in Idaho.
Chemical explosion Milan spreads dioxin, 30 injured & 300 schoolchildren chlordane skin disease 300 schoolchildren.
The explosion of gas Trichlorophenol in the Swiss factory owned by Hoffman-La Roche chemical & drug firm. The gas cloud spread, hundreds of rabbits, birds, cats, dogs and chicken died in an area and many plants had withered.

What happened in 1977?

The epic science fiction adventure started with the first Star Wars movie in 1977, written and directed by George Lucas

President Jimmy Carter forms U.S. Department of Energy
Soil and Water Conservation Act Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
Ecofisk oil well blowout in the North Sea
World Environment Day, occasion for the start Kenya’s Green Belt Movement
A fail in the Dam killing 40 people Pennsylvania
Allied Chemical Company and state of Virginia settle lawsuit over extensive Kepone contamination
Kelly Barnes dam fails in Georgia, killing 39 college students and staff.
Federal Clean Air Act Amendments require review of all National Ambient Park and Wilderness air quality.
Environmental books of the year
A. Lovins, Soft Energy Paths Soft Energy Paths: toward a Durable Peace (Pelican)

One of the finest and definitely most stylish bands ever to play rock music was The Clash, intelligent and caught the spirit of the times, images from the book The Clash, original Clash book.

What happened in 1978?

Propylene gas explosion in Tarragona Spain, 180 dead and over 600 injured after a truck near a camping site set fire.
Amoco Cadiz wrecks coast France oil spill (six times the amount of the Exxon Valdez spill) over $2 billion estimated damage. The oil slick covered large era impossible to remove.
Energy Tax Act, ethanol tax expanding ethanol use in US.
Love Canal Homeowners, living on a major toxic waste dump in New York. President Carter declares Love Canal a National Disaster.
Investigating Alabama region, DDT contaminated a stream Report “Cancer Alley,” emergence of the environmental justice movement.
National Energy, Endangered American Wilderness and Antarctic Conservation Act
Environmental books of the year
Hunter & Wyler, To Save the Whale: The Voyages of Greenpeace. To Save a Whale: The Voyages of Greenpeace
Eric Ashby, Reconciling Man with the EnvironmentReconciling Man with the Environment (The Leon Sloss Junior memorial lectures in humanities)

Images taken from the book New York Underground 1970-1980 by the photographer Cobler shows a disco and hedonistic culture on its way to a dead end. Aids epidemic came around 1980, and most clubs in New York closed their doors for good. Clubs as the legendary Studio 54 eras were over.

What happened in 1979?

The nuclear power melts down, mechanical, electrical, and human failures led to a severe meltdown of the reactor core at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant. Reports of Safety problems elsewhere
Oil well blowout, Mexico
Earth First! Organized
Environmental justice, hundreds renewable energy businesses – solar manufacturers, Alternative fuels, windmill & alternative energy demonstrate new ideas proposed solutions energy crisis.
Greenpeace ram the Portuguese whaler Sierra on the high sea
President Carter propose $1.6 billion Superfund pack age legislation, new concept for dealing with toxic waste
Environmental books of the year
J Gaia: A New Look at Life on earth. Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth
Warriors of the Rainbow: Greenpeace Movement Warriors Of The Rainbow: A Chronicle Of The Greenpeace Movement From 1971 To 1979

The revival of the Mods culture from the 1960’s came back with the youth cultural movie Quadrephenia.


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