Terminology updates in the Eco fashion Dictionary

Terminology updates this week

The Eco fashion dictionary content page updated, and it should be much easier to navigate and find the terminology you are looking for. However, this dictionary is not made with the intention to find every terminology or word. at the same time, it can be a good starting point. The glossaries added this week is 3R’s, EMAS (Eco Management and Audit scheme), Energy efficient, flat pack, Glass recycling, Green washing and Sustainable living.



3R’s is the terms reduce, reuse and recycle, not to be mixed up with other terms using the 3Rs term.

EMAS (Eco Management and Audit scheme)

EMAS (Eco Management and Audit scheme) is a management tool for companies and other organizations to evaluate report and improve their environmental performance. EMAS – the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, is a voluntary initiative designed to improve companies’ environmental performance. It was initially established by European Regulation in 1993 and has now 4,600 organizations and more than 7,900 sites which are EMAS.

Energy efficient


Energy efficient is products and systems that use less energy to perform as well or better than standard products. Some energy – efficient products have a higher purchase prize than their traditional counterparts but tend to cost less over their lifetime when their part lifetime when the price of energy consumed is considered.

Flat pack


Flat pack is product designed to be packed flat, thereby reducing cost of shipping, reduce fuel and lower price for the consumer. Flat packs are ready to be assembling by the consumer right out of the box. It reduces also packaging of the goods. IKEA is a company that is well-known for decade’s use of flat packing furniture. It is also known as ready-to-assemble furniture (RTA)

Glass recycling


Glass recycling is a perpetual form of recycling. Unlike some other recycled products, a recycled bottle can be recycled into other glass bottle; this process can go on endlessly with no loss in quality or purity. Glass is 100% recyclable

Green washing


Green washing is a superficial nod to the environment that marketers’ and businesses, historically not interested in sustainable concerns, are doing in order to improve their public relations and advertising with the consumer.

Sustainable living


Sustainable living is a lifestyle that seeks to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of natural resources. People who life by the term sustainable living often tried to reduce their carbon footprint by alternative transportation, use of renewable sources of energy and eat a diet that does less harm on the environment; Doers of sustainable living seek and try lives in ways that are coherent with sustainability, balance of Earth’s natural ecology and cycles. The commit and philosophy of ecological living is highly linked to sustainable development.


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