2013, time for a reality check

Can we predict anything about the future?

A reality check can tell us something about the future. A well-known media guru of the last century said that only by understanding the present there is possible to say something about the future.

A friend said the future is the present. If you really are curious about the future, just study the present. Only those who have learned to perceive the present can predict the future. They need only predict what has already happened by being the first to see through pattern recognition. For the future is the future present.” Marshall McLuhan

We need a global inventory list

The world is moving so fast, if we like to stop for a second we will feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless, only when we stop and take a breake can we have the possibility to perceive the world around free from the clutter that makes us confused, restless and out of control. The world is in a chaotic state; we try so hard to hold on to a carousel that spins faster. Sooner or later we fall off, we enter a state where we pretend  to “know what is going on.” We compensate and buy fresh contemporary clothes, color the hair, go to the gym or even buy a sports car. Is it the mid-life crisis?  Other people just drop out and finally regard themselves as adults, keep on listen to their old records, keep the same haircut and swore to the old style of jeans . Soon we start to complain about those new things we do not understand, if we get kids, we shake our heads while the youngest turns up the music volume and dance silly to the noise we cannot understand.

Chaos creates easily fear

Fear we want to protect us from. Nothing creates more products than fear. Fear of getting old creates products to keep us slim, fit, crèmes to reverse the process of getting the skin looking old, surveillance cameras to make us feel safer. We clinch to comfortable lifestyle when we only a few years back we loved going to camp, sleep in tents and making food from the camp fire. However, now it has to be a comfortable room in a good hotel. We live in a world of chaos.
Chaos, derived from the Ancient Greek, Chaos, typically means a state lacking order or predictability. In ancient Greece, it first meant the initial state of the universe, and, by extension, space, darkness, or a; and informally to mean a state of confusion, and in this case, popular culture. Fashion means fast or fads, and are short lasting trends, used to tell about this year or even shorter trends as for example this season. If we want to talk about the trends in a longer time perspective, we use the term mega-trend mega trends are the basic foundation developing of creative design and marketing of brands, especially for fast consumer moving goods and services.

2013 Reality Check

  • Global warming
  • Terrorism
  • Nano technology – Bio technology
  • Digital social media
  • Local conflict around the world
  • Finance crisis
  • Information overload
  • Shopping overload
  • Mega cities
  • Lack of non-renewable sources of energy
  • Global work force
  • The rise in life expectancy
  • Lack of spirituality
  • Symbols and icons create a new language

  • The future is the future present; can we possible look into the future? The Future Is Now. Research by Kenneth Lyngaas & Krish Pawar; interviews and dialog with leading people across branches and industries for The Future is now.
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  • Karma Tashi Ling Buddhist community, Gandhi foundation and WGSN


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Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
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