The truth, a story about green activism in the 70’s

The Truth

“Believe nothing merely because you have been told it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher, But whatever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conductive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings – that doctrine believe, and clinch to, and take it as your guide”The Buddha

My personal story about green activism in the 70s

The 70’s was a decade when people woke up from the 60s rock music and hippie culture and started to ask important questions about important issues and finally people dared to stand up for their rights and most of all go to actions. People manage to stop the war in Vietnam in 1975, environmentalists started Earth Day and Greenpeace involved in direct action and civil obedience towards industries and companies that made a huge negative impact on the environment. We started to understand that these problems were only to be solved on a global level.

Even in the suburbs of America’s people came to march in Earth Day celebration in San Francisco, organized by John McConnell. Although not a nationwide celebration, McConnell and supporters claim that there was a grass root’s celebration happened on 11th of September 1971. Please read the post, Celebrate Earth day by taking small actions on every day to do’s

Later on, this environment protest, marches and activism got a darker side, in 1974 Karen Silkwood dies in a suspicious accident in November on her way to meet a New York Times reporter with documents concerning safety problems at the Kerr-McGee nuclear weapon’s facility in Crescent, Oklahoma. Fantastic overview of the most important events, the environmental battle and activism in the 70s, recommended

The environmental and social breakdown is now vast and global in scale.  Technological advances have provided the basis for a new kind of collective evolution, beyond cultural, religious or spiritual boundaries. I was ten years old in 1975 and stood there in the most political decade of last century looking at the huge shiny and red digit’s blinking heavy wrist watch, and could hardly wait to come back home after school to play Atari tennis game with my younger brother.

What happened in 1975? OPEC prices on oil up 10%, salmon returns for the first time Connecticut River after 100 year absence.   The Phyllis Cormack, now the Greenpeace V, managed to end the commercial whaling.  Banqiao Reservoir in north central China collapses after extremely heavy rains from Typhoon Nina, official numbers of deaths was 26.000, but as many as 230.000 is another more likely figure, another 145.000 people dies of the epidemic subsequently after this, the largest number of deaths after a dam failure.

In my dreams

We heard about supercomputers, we dreamt about spaceships, robots and trains without pilot any drivers and a new future of technology would make life easy and uncomplicated.  When I looked around me as I walked in the rainy street the future did not look at bright at all, large factory pipes with a constant flow of gray dust created acid rain  who poisoned fish and destroyed life in the lakes.

This was things dad told me about in his own stories of fiction before Mr. Sandman stamped my ticket in dreamland at night. My father said he was never afraid of big animals, but those who were so small you’re your eye could not see it, the story was one of many stories about the battle for better environment and challenges ahead that everybody on Earth must work to find solutions for.

Technology will never save Earth

He said you will find out that the supercomputers and robots you dream of in your sleep will not solve any problems, rather the opposite. Not long before he left us, he took me on an extensive trip up in the mountains with some of his friends, after a few weeks people came with a large bus. People from TV stations came with real TV cameras big as cars, and they started interviewing my father. I was so proud only a kid.

His story on how modern technology had manipulated the genes of the mountain fish to make them reproduce faster, so that the sale of trout and salmon would rise. What happened instead, the manipulated genes created a virus fish carried, caused killings of the natural inhabitants and life in lakes and rivers. Large areas got infected and made huge impact on local environment. Combined with acid rain that came from large factories far away south in Europe was deadly both to humans and animals

A group of naive activists and university students

He spoke on the behalf of a group of activists and biologist. He told the journalists and TV crew that owners, politicians and board members were responsible for the new environmental damage on natural habitat. He explained and showed water samples with acid rain. The pollution came elsewhere from where the damage happened. He said; the madness must stop or we will go to passive civil obedience and actions if necessary.  Unless responsible companies, politicians and company owners over the next year would stop it and politicians prevent it by law.

The middle way.  Killings of every animal, human, trees, plants living around these areas and countries around the world must be stopped, unless we will see a collapse of the environment that either our generation or the next will be able to deal with. Dad taught me two things; the aspects of balance with the environment and everything around us, and self are the most important factor in life. The second truth he told; progress and technology most often had created the unbalance, technology will never solve environmental problems alone. We must never take out more food, wealth of nature than needed and killings of every living being around us included plants and trees is wrong.

My father’s wisdom came from Eastern Religion and philosophy

Later, I came to understand symbols of Yin and Yang. The calm state of The Buddha in cents and lights were his source of the wisdom. That made him this wise father, he was to me. Great stories he told about the Middle Way, happiness, compassion, meditation and chants taken from the masters in cultures, philosophy and religions far away.  He always gave me green stickers with symbols, animals and nature. I later came to understand how much they meant to him and later to me. I remember the last day I saw him alive he had a green uniform as his outfit, harness, huge sack and ropes, it was in 1977.  Please read the post Buddha the greatest original environmentalist of all times.

He got killed in a green  direct action 1977

My father got killed in 1977 in a green direct action towards a company that was partly responsible for acid rain in Northern Europe, most probably by the CIA. He got killed in a suspicious action taken when they barricaded themselves 100 meters above the ground, to a large factory pipe they claimed was one of the most dangerous elements and caused the killings of people, animals and nature around massive areas of land in Northern Europe. This impact was not long to be ignored anymore, the truth about these problems must be told.  The awareness about them had to be shared as they cause a massive impact to Earth that not we or future generations can stop unless it was too late.

7 days later my father and two other activists fell down from a 100 meter factory pipe

One night after seven days,  100 meters above ground, he and two other members of the group had fallen down from the pipes. They were found nearly a week later. The bodies were hidden with purpose from the media and the story about it ended fast. I was only a 12 old kid in 1977  and the truth was hidden for me and others. Later I should find out  that for some people money comes before human life.  The truth, my dad killed because they told the truth when they sto9le secret documents  about dangerous chemicals, Large companies has politicians on their pay-roll.  Investigations found bullet holes in all their bodies under a later hospital autopsy. It showed clear impacts of more injuries than the fall.

Bullets were found by other eco warriors as they broke into the site that was closed off as somebody had obviously tried to clean the spots after them. The analysis showed; bullets came from the weapons only carried by CIA and other alike governmental authorities.  Actions similar and many more were hidden from journalists and media. If truth found by a journalist who wanted to publish they got threatened and even killed.  Nevertheless, these actions have never been verified and even dough I was only twelve years old in 1977 I cannot be able to understand and find out truly that this was the full truth, however, they were all experienced climbers.

Everything in the world interconnected, political actions, environmental problems and big money

Who has the power decide? Control it, in reality money. Organizations and underground resistance groups know the truth about these stories. This happened in 1977, people like me and alike in political organizations, underground resistance around the world know. Especially in the south of America where the Family Allende got removed by The CIA, Pinochet, trades of weapons and cocaine happened within CIA, cocaine money to use for political actions around the world, and in particular Latin America. Paid indirectly by the cocaine-import-agency CIA, who founded the drug money in operations that indirectly gave American companies contract in large fragile eras of The Amazon The contras in Honduras, San Salvador, El Salvador and Nicaragua were actions where money from cocaine used to finance operations so costly and far over budgets.  These operations were of course hidden for both media, journalists, even likely from one President of The United States Of America

What does these actions have to do with the environment?

The contracts were given to large American companies who exploited global non-renewable resources in Amazon, rain forest and other fragile areas, indirectly paid by the power of US organizations and Cocaine Import Agency CIA. The cocaine The CIA traded for weapons in South America, and the big earnings got used in military operations, particularly in Latin America. Not only, but also around the world to keep eyes on the governmental development, fix elections, secure American companies contract and make sure that US Embassies abroad could work with surveillance of state enemies. The political climate in the 70s was something completely different from today; there were no mobile phones or the internet. The story told here has always been hunting me and it’s a part of whom I am and why I decide to use so much time to work with the environment in sustainable design, Eco fashion and philosophy.

Cocaine Import Agency (CIA ) traded weapons with cocaine to finance military operations and espionage 

Amazon the most fragile era on Earth got exploited by American companies from 7 and still today, with their use of so-called democratic orders in the US. They are actions done to secure capitalistic forces, large investors and US companies trade contracts, political control and cheap labor. They misused their power, huge areas of land cleared for valuable timber, use to ranch, meat production and dirty oil business. This has happened since the early 70s and sadly still goes on today, however with more pressure from people living in and people who work with these issues every day.

In my hometown Oslo, CIA misused their power over several years until discovered in 2010 and 2011. The police in Norway was on the CIA payroll on a surveillance-case near the American embassy in Oslo, hired to keep an eye on the area around the embassy, but they also observed demonstrations, such as, elsewhere in Oslo. Then they allegedly would deliver their findings and descriptions of participants to the embassy. However, you like it or not regarding the terrorism danger to the embassy it would have been to the best if information shared and not hidden as in this case. Nevertheless, I have deep respect for the causes in which US have the right to prevent bombing and terror attacks on American targets in Norway as the American Embassy Who do you think have control over the Opium Markets in Afghanistan, the Al Qaeda organization or CIA? The cost of buying out one peasant to produce opium is about 500 $ dollars; any nation on Earth must understand that the economy of the drug cartels around the world is too powerful to let this business slip away. Countries all over the world could stop this if they wanted. But they don’t want it enough. Quote: “Russian journalist Arkadi Dubnov quotes Afghan sources as saying that; “85 per cent of all drugs produced in southern and southeastern provinces are shipped abroad by US aviation.”

Humans are the most dangerous animal

We think technology will save us but that is to ignore the truth, as much as we may celebrate our art, scientific knowledge, poems, paintings and music, we must not forget that our biggest enemy are our self and that truth cannot be ignored.  We can no longer ignore the truth that we are also the most dangerous animal. Humans are opportunistic, as are all taller animals, and characteristically greedy. Our taller intelligence confers the capacity to manipulate others to accumulate power or resources. We are quite easily trained into violent forms of aggression. Now that we have accidentally acquired the capacity to destroy the climate of this planet, what will we call upon to restrain ourselves in time?

Donate to my founding’s to be given to tell about preservation of the Amazon rain forest  – The money goes to preserve and tell about the danger of losing more rain forest in Amazon. If you prefer to donate a few $ instead to a local clean water project near Dharamshala, please do so. The project is in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Then you can download the slide show presentation and a fact PDF of the important figures regarding the Amazon rain forest. I would be gratefully humble if you can help me help the environment. The money goes to 100% to the give cause and the organizations who I am supporting.

My philosophy about fundraising environmental projects is to transfer to people who work as close to where it’s happening to avoid all the steps in between who makes your contribution having a greater impact.  I am visiting projects once a year if involved as a sponsor or represent people who give their donations.  Status follow-up information will be given at any time a donation made, and as it progresses.


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