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image of a man holding earth before his eyes.

Sustainable development starts with basic values.

By Kenneth @ buddha jeans

Kenneth founder of buddha jeans company

What do we believe to think development is? Economic development to meet material needs is most usually the first think we of, perhaps we think of a country’s gross national product GNP. Is development only measurable by a profitable scale or is there another dimension to it? Today we are extremely fixed on numbers, but we have eras that are more difficult to measure. Another dimension of development is the cultural and social side in a society.  For example, if the education system is poor, it becomes a problem for an effective legal system, and its asset built up over many years and long experience. However, not consider by economists and not included in national accounts despite the large investment in human development that is necessary if any modern society shall exist. This factor is having a tremendous impact on the social dimensions who is reflecting underlying culture, values and goals for a society.

Can happiness be measured in money

The investments in human values are large.

Within the social dimension is the ethical or spiritual another side which after elemental human values determines how we interact with each other. Who are our heroes and influence rs that in any part to the society and economic context can play a large role regarding values as education, religion, schools and family basic values?

Wooden bricks of the brand Tegu

Basic education, basic bricks learning values not easily measurable


young people learning about Eco compassion

Education and valuable teachings about things not easy measurable

Sustainability without starting with the fundamental values is nothing more than flicking; if you want to build a house that can develop a long-term Eco consciousness and start without the pillars will be a bad plan and difficult. We need to learn a set of basic skills based on another way of measuring development in economic terms; therefore, education systems must be content valuable teachings about things that cannot be measured so easily. These must be learned continuous from early stage. Sustainability within a society is the ability to maintain the level of reproduction and balance of needs as food, shelter, energy over time. In addition, values as respect, tolerance, compassion where religion plays still a significant role today. However, I feel that most of the religious leaders have failed to communicate these values.

After seven good years, it will be seven bad.

Moderation is the solution to keep and remain Earth sustainable.  Be able to produce what we need without passing the limit; unfortunately, this passed years ago. In old religious text, there is a fable or story of based upon prophesy “there shall be seven good years were nature will be very kind and give us what needed for a long period. However, there will be seven bad years coming then.” Can we learn something from this? Nothing happens for a reason. Actions are connected and can affect in various ways in different places and time. Countries and large companies all over the world have for years exploiting common global resources, when humans destroy the natural habitat it tries to compensate and save the fragile balance. Nevertheless, Earth is very breakable because a small invisible adjustment can cause huge effects, when this happens, we lose.

Oil-sand can easily cause flooding and destroy fragile balance

oil sand

Earth just does what is necessary to keep the balance.

If huge companies and government cut large eras for wood and allow substantial eras to become desert following can happen; when it’s raining on the ground without trees can no longer absorb the water, the rain is the nature way of balancing and transform energy needed to compensate the dry lost ear of wood. This is one of the results we see with flooding, rain and extreme weather. Energy is a constant factor; therefore, the energy we use for cutting the wood transformed to another form. This new energy can result in positive or negative actions. If the action we choose is sustainable the result will be positive, and the energy remains sustainable.  The flooding in New York happened for a reason.

The new economy is not marketed driven but nature value driven.

The solution is to continue sustainable development, growth of new values based upon spiritual values were nature is setting the framework.  This is happening as we speak and hopefully economist knows that we have moved from economy based on profit maximization into a nature-based economy. We must leave the old economy behind and move toward the future where nature decide what is best been, done for thousands of years before. Nature is not our servants, we are nature servants. The ancient people on earth have always understood this. Land cannot be owned in form of benefits of few. It belongs to all of us.  We have no right to kill living beings or the nature around us.

Let us leave the steering wheel back to nature

the green coast of Iceland with two boats laying in the grass

Are the rich’s countries willing to sacrifice economic benefits?

Therefore, achieving sustainable development will require that many in wealthier societies will have to sacrifice some of their immediate advantages for the larger good and for the benefit for future generations, not only for our community or country, but for everyone living on Earth. The sacrifice will of course be difficult to swallow unless we appreciate and can value other fewer measurable factors. Therefore, the motivation for this will not be in figures and numbers but in spiritual growth, commitment and compassion. The commitment to change the world is the reward to tell future generations that we valued in spiritual growth and in the sense of being a world citizen. If these values are to be appreciated by the society, this greatness should be learned already in our local community and in the families. By handling these values a system change needed from political leaders as well opinion-leaders. I guess people like Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet are match  this description. They understand that one day that nature will strike hard back on us for our greed and those who are the wealthiest will also lose the most, unless long-term strategies taken into actions.

 Carbon footprint illustration of three people from different  developed countries

How can we achieve global understand for sustainability and spiritual growth?

The need is to develop eco compassion and a deep respect for all living beings, including animals, trees, land, mountains and oceans? We have to think the design process as a whole thing, remember that everything in the world connected, and that we have an impact when we produce on farmers, local society, economy and health. It can make huge impacts both locally and other parts of the product life cycle. By developing happiness to cherish values as spiritual growth and develop Eco awareness, we can reach people to understand the necessity of global actions. Eco awareness is the ability to understand and practice compassion; The Chinese Wiseman Lao Tzu said; I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu quote upon compassion

Lao Tzu quote on compassion

What about design processes and product development?

We have to think the design process as a whole thing, remember that everything in the world connected, and that we have an impact when we produce on farmers, local society, economy and health. It can make huge impacts both locally and other parts of the product life cycle. To learn to cherish what we have not all the things we do not have. There is not trendy to own as many things possible, but as few. There are many wise people who can teach us how to achieve a goal of sustainability. However, whatever I state here in this post is meaningless unless actions done. We can read as many books we like and held as many speeches we want, but unless we do what we speak it is only empty words. I end this by letting Gandhi get the last words in one of the finest quotes up on the environment.

Gandhi quote upon the environment 

Gandhi and is famous  quotes

Written, and illustration by Kenneth @ buddha jeans.

Kenneth founder of buddha jeans company

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Who is Kenneth the founder of buddha jeans?

We dig deep about jeans – philosophy – spirituality – sustainability within Eco fashion culture.

Buddha jeans are a 21st century hippie community and a brand with a strong social aware. Our roots in sustainable product design and denim Jean’s consultancy stretch back to 1998, when the founder Kenneth held position as the Trend Specialist, Head of Trend researched Levi Strauss Middle East & Africa.

The team’s research resulted in a key statement in the mega trends 2000 and beyond presentation; “there will come a reaction to international brand’s exploitation of common global resources, and this will lead to a new way of producing fashion and denim Jean’s garment now and soon. Headed towards a way of designing products that look upon the process as connected and whole, not separate. The key to understand the product’s impact upon our society and environment is to be involved in its entire life cycle, control, learn and reduce and lower the damage done to nature; sustainable product design is the road map to a better future.”

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Sustainable fashion designer dedicated the twenty-first century green living, design for change through eco philosophy, spirituality and sustainability. We live in a time of transition, what we are today come from our thoughts of yesterday. The bridge to a better sustainable future could only make possible from our thoughts and action. Our life is the creation of our mind.


Visionary creative director, founder of buddha jeans, spokesperson #sustainable #fashion, philosophy & spirituality for the 21st century sustainable community.
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