New York, the new Atlantis?

What are we witnessing right now in New York? Hurricane Sandy

What we have talked about the scenarios for flooding and rise of sea-level over the last decades and sadly this happened in New York were the citizens probably understood the power of nature.  The flooding in New York can’t be a better warning signal. About 2 years ago I wrote the following in a post on my blog” “ nature will strike back,  when we need to have rain boots constantly, the water is rising, and some water starts to drip into them. We might take action. However, I am sure not more than maybe 60-70% would take the necessary steps. It is in the human nature to react this way; we take the problems as they occur. We believe that others will fix it. Even so, we must take responsibility on a personal level. I admire Gandhi and how he turned words into actions and this quote by Gandhi, who is more than ever valid; “you must be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi. To take care about the environment is not about figures and numbers. A lot of critics usually attack people who are unable to measure their work in terms of numbers, weight, length and so on, or if a product meets certain standards or not. Standards and certificates are valid. However, we still have a durable fight between what is wrong or good for the environment, global warming, and overspending of consumer goods. We cannot even sign an agreement as the Kyoto protocol to fight global warming.

To take care about the nature is to develop compassion

To take care about the environment is the ability to understand and practice compassion; I call it Eco compassion.  A part of sustainable design or sustainable fashion design is to understand compassion, how can we produce taking care of the people affected by the production ? Read, Sustainability from a buzzword to actual fashion brand performance, time to rethink? I am afraid we might not be able to reverse the damage done to the environment. To reverse the process of global warming takes time.  Imagine a supertanker  who try to stop. It takes to over 2000 meters and then the ship needs to turn and again speed up a positive process. When the water starts dripping into our boots when we might consider leaving the car home.  I guess every citizen of New York got the wake up call We are simply not ready or concerned enough, but I guess the citizens of New York are. People in New Orleans and definitely people in Japan after the earth quake. I am afraid when we need to wear rain boots and water are starting dripping into them; we might take action. Nevertheless, I am sure not more than maybe 60-70% would take the necessary steps. It the human nature to react this way; we take the problems as they occur. We believe that others will fix it. However, we must all take responsibility on a personal level. I quote Gandhi; you must be the change you wish to see around the world. Gandhi

Sustainability in design and the fashion industry

It’s no longer only to talk about sustainability in design, or save this or that, it’s about do it, using the Meta brand image of Nike.  We must cut our consumption. If we can reduce our shopping of fashion and instead buy quality, longer-lasting  products, avoid fast fashion and buy 3 instead of four we already reduce our fashion shopping habit with 25%. We can learn the consumer to wash less as it’s totally unnecessary to do so. Anyone in the fashion industry knows that a jean last much longer and age better when washing not as much. After all 60-70 % of the total carbon footprint of a jean entire life cycle is consumed by consumers and not in production, marketing and transport. The fashion industry has a lot of new options, open your eyes.  The real chains have an incredible opportunity making good profits on second-hand. Think about it 1000 Zara shops with before only new fashion but with expensive second-hand or H&M with their 1000 shops or more with good quality used clothing brands and vintage as well.

Naked facts about the unfairness upon use of global common natural resources

A westerner uses between three to five times bigger carbon footprint than people in the underdeveloped world. Is this fair? Is this compassion with those who use less and have less?  Facts about denim jeans use of water and chemicals in production. To make one pair of Levi’s 501 jeans it takes the following figures; water consumption of one pair jeans in its entire life cycle are around 3,480 liters of water and 32 kilograms of carbon dioxide during the course of its life cycle in addition 15-20 chemicals are used in the process to produce one pair. Fashion stands against the use of 25% of all chemicals use throughout the world. These are the figures it takes to make one pair of Levi’s 501, according to the Cradle to the grave study by Levi Strauss Co: energy use in production to make one pair of Levi’s 501 jeans.

Product lifecycle assessment Levi 501 jeans




Global estimated stock check on the world of non-renewable resources

Did you know that with the same speed such as Indium who is the major part to make solar panels and LED screen last for 13 years, from a design viewpoint to work with sustainable fashion design is essential? Not only shall products that are 100% recyclable be mandatory but to make them 100% with renewable-energy  resources as well. In fact, some human-made  things are producing more energy than using. What people refer to as up to cycling.  However, the world is not perfect; the main thing is that everybody takes personal responsible for their actions.

A paradigm shift is about to happen as we move from consumer market driven economy towards a sustainable nature capital 

The overpopulation makes it impossible to continue following an outdated market driven economy. A nature driven economy will set the right prices according to nature’s ability to retain sustainable development, and that will be good for countries that based their economy of delivering raw materials.  Read more about the philosophy of the founder of deep Ecology PhD Arne Næss The time has passed for maximisation of profit, but a shareholder does not work with long-term strategies; they work with short-term. They should know better, as does that will get the biggest losses in the long run are those shareholders with a short-term thinking strategy.  Like it or not, this is the naked truth. Everyone is aware of it. We have the knowledge to do it, the time to use our wisdom and transform it into actions is now.    As you know, we can read as many books or speak the best speeches, they are just empty words without taking people actions to do something about environmental problems.

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Kenneth Lyngaas
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