Eco Tote bag the perfect billboard to advertise for a sustainable design

Eco Tote bag the perfect billboard to advertise for a sustainable design

In our Eco lifestyle store, we got more than 300 fabulous designed brands of Eco Cotton bags included the collection from the most famous street artist Banksy.

The green counterculture in the 70s adapted the Eco bag

The term tote, comes from the words to carry and can be tracked back to the 17th century but was not described or until 1900. The first branded tote bags were in cotton canvas and named Boat Bags, designed by LL Bean in 1944, but it was not Eco.  However, the counterculture adopted the Eco tote bag and since then it had been a part of an alternative green consumer and environmental organizations as Greenpeace and Earth Day.

Damage to our environment

The plastic shopping bag is a huge environmental damaging product and in the recent years more countries have started to ban plastic bags or reduce the size and thickness China was early in ban the plastic bag, Ireland followed soon in the footstep in Europe. The process to change from disposable plastic bag’s shopping bags to sustainable optional solutions is happening fast, and the Eco Tote bag is an alternative solution that has become incredible popular over the last few years due to the awakening of people consciousness.

A canvas to explore

The Tote bag has always been a subject to be explored by designers, graphic artists; the most common work is a mix of illustration and word messages to create a concept in an individual way. The messages have become significantly sophisticated, intelligent and witty. This concept is almost the same way a street artist works with a concept.  Eco Tote bags as a consumer product not a fashion extension of clothing and style most happen if the bag shall make any significant role as an environmental saver. If it only becomes a fashion gadget where the artwork and exhibition of their work are the purpose, then it will be pointless as a product to use more than an advertising billboard for an Eco lifestyle consciousness, but it can easily become a fashion must have and people merely purchase too many as they to when buying  their clothes. I have also seen Eco Tote bags that are purely nothing else than a fashion item, with too many pockets, colors and expensive solutions.

The requirements for a good Eco Tote bag

An Eco tote bag shall be easy to carry and store, good quality, washable, durable at a low-cost. When this happens on a larger scale than the Eco Tote bag will cause a change environmentally. In our Eco lifestyle store, we got more than 300 fabulous designs Eco Cotton bags included a collection of the most famous street artist Banksy.

Kenneth Lyngaas
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Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
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