How would a city look like if it was no street art?

“This culture is about the most honest way you can be an artist. It takes no money to do it. You don’t need an education to understand it and there’s no admission fee” Banksy. 

Street art history from Aboriginals dreamtime to New York  art elite

The simple idea to take a stone and carve signs into a wall known as cave paintings has become something truly extraordinary. 20,000 years of evolution behind it, street art started in the small caves of a city. Street art can be a mirror on the economic wealth, depression or condition of society, and therefore tell the history. During the depression-era in the 70’s New York subway trains was virtually every square foot covered with graffiti or personal signaturing. Images taken on the subway trains New York City 1980 by Bruce Davidson. Good link to  stories on street art, graffiti and mural art  Aboriginal culture. The Marrgon are an image from the book Understanding Aboriginal culture, it shows the ancestral spirit of thunder and lightning and can be dated back 10.000 years when the universe created and named The Dreamtime by Aboriginals.  Cult mural art book Muros de Venezuela. Muros de Venezuela published in 1976 and became a cult book in New York and it’s actually a book about the walls in Venezuela, painted with different colors that by time and climate with have become beautiful work of art. Demonic Divine Buddhism The Yama Dharma raja with demon head. Destroyer king of Hell.  images of  the demons we fight every day as fear, anger etc.


Above: Maya religion and society. Classical Maya painted walls and ceramics and the image are detail of the “roll out of the vessel, dated 400 – 500 A.D. and tells the storyof Mayan society and religion living in Yucatan Mexico. Art on the streets Stockholm 1998 The billboard by Kent Karlson taken from the project Art on the Streets 1998 happened in Stockholm 1998, financed by Cultural Capital of Europe 98.

Aerosol replaces rock as preferred drawing tools

The graffiti artists in the 80’s hip hop movement ignored snobbish art galleries and knew curators. Owners or art money would never ever let them get a chance to show their work. As the cave painters they turned empty grey walls into small beautiful spots of humanity. The popularity of hip hop became bigger, the same art galleries started to accept the artist they rejected only year earlier. Art never starts with curators, owner, money or even the artist, it starts with the art.

Andy Warhol took the gallery into the streets

In the 60’s Andy Warhol actually created a living gallery in the streets, a workplace for creative Commons. The Factory in New York was an unprepared arena where people could come, play and work. Andy understood that creativity was in the streets, not in galleries. Therefore, Factory was not only a platform. At a certain time in New York if you were of any significance in the cultural scene, you would go into the factory. It was important to be there. Read the post  all tomorrow’s parties

In 1999, a new breeze of art painted streets of London Banksy in the streets of Hoxton

I remember around 1999 small stencil art and funny political comments started to appear upon the streets of Soho, Hoxton? and Shoreditch, sometimes we explored it and took the camera with us. We could hear gossips about a new piece of work outside a pub in Shoreditch or when walking home from Fabric on Sunday morning. Banksy do unique stuff because his refined stencil style, dry sarcasm, time and its placement, it is perfect, and in addition, the mysterious that we do not know him.  Read my post Art galleries have moved away from fancy addresses and into the streets. A view on Banksy, friends and urban art  bToday house and property owners beg on their knee not to remove street art by Banksy on walls. Longer than ten years working in the streets around the world the artist Banksy have become  “the street art icon” and his work easily get sold for more than a lifelong salary by a worker. Banksy has become  “who is laughing now” Banksy is probable laughing the way to the bank as he knows that the same people who wanted to arrest him for vandalism now bitterly regret how they removed Banksy artwork on walls and houses they owned, worth of millions. Works of Banksy have sold for over $500,000 apiece. His fans are Hollywood hot shots Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves and Christina Aguilera.

What if Banksy did not dare to climb into zoo and paint?

To be an excellent street artist you must not only be a good painter, but you must have a lot of courage. Therefore, fines and jail for vandalism by artist are actually not bad; it’s a quality control that keeps the devoted, real and self-confident artist going and those with fewer noble actions away.  Think about a city with every one of us scribble at the walls. Could we tolerate it? Provocative  Banksy can be very  provocative , the Queen artwork  is funny as its only visible can only see it between 21.00 and 0700 as its painted on a metals roll up  to protect their windows  when closed o when it’s pulled up you cannot see it, only after 21.00 and 07.00, parents control installed

A city is not a museum of old buildings

People who paint and humanize the sterile cityscape deserve to get royalties for their work, not tickets. Unlike architects, city planners the street art painter needs to keep his work secret. Street artist on the other side often works alone, plan out where, when, finds hidden walls, the right places to make a comment, and it can be next-door the mail carrier who is the artist. We have a large selection of street art in our Eco Lifestyle store have just opened our Eco lifestyle store, and we have a wide selection of urban art books. Have a look as we got nice and affordable limited-edition Eco cotton bags by Banksy. As we are a part of the, your delivery and payments  secured.

  • About Novel. We live in the electric age where the simple numbers of zeros and ones makes the pattern of a spider web so fine-tuned and make people happy just with a click of the mouse. I will share the clicks that draw my attention, concepts, ideas that light up everyday life with you.
  • Urban art–urban art can be tracked back long time ago In the late 50 and 60’s pop art artist Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol who used hybrid mass media screen-printing and ionized it commercially. Later terrorist The Basques in the 80’s took the modern form, and in the 80’s The Ecole Beaux-Arts student Blek Le Rat and Gerard moved their art out in the suburban streets of Paris.
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  • StArt  – image Kent Karlson – StArt ’98 published by Stockholm Cultural Capital of Europe ‘98
  • Maya Civilization – Thames and Hudson Great Britain 1998, detail of the “roll out of the vessel.
  • Demonic Divine – The Yama Dharma raja with demon head. Destroyer king of Hell. Himalayan Art and Beyond Rubin Museum of art, New York 2004
  • Understanding Aboriginal culture – Cosmos Periodicals edition 2002
  • Muros de Venezuela – Ediciones Armitano Caracas 1976

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