A change in the world starts from within

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi

A change in the world starts from within

The labour or International Workers’ Day, it is a big day to mark changes in the world. On this day, I hear big words from great leaders around the world, as the speech held by world’s most powerful man, The President Obama. I am happy to hear your devoted speak, probably written by many good texts and speechwriter, and to inspire people is one of the most important issues a leader can do. I am not a particular good speechwriter, but I am or sure writing it myself and in another language than my mother tongue. Gandhi, an remarkable man who changed not only India, but the world. His ideas and his enormous power to change the world came from within and what he said came into actions, not only words. We have a lot to learn from Gandhi.  Read also my post about Gandhi the greatest environmentalist of modern times
Thousand speeches does not change the world, only upon actions can we change the situation Hopeful to make my comments and critics’ in this post as easy to understand possible, first of all we can hold as many speeches we like, read as many books to become the wisest and most knowledgeable man on earth, but it does not do a single thing unless one makes actions on great words shared.

How far are you willing to stretch to achieve your goal?

With your hand on your hearth Mr President, can you by promise take action to do something about in the world, and how long are you willing to stretch to achieve those goals? Because if we do not take action, there will be nothing to take action upon. If we do not stop the suicide we are doing slowly fast, we cannot pass the greatest gift to all humanity on to the next generation. We have to tell our kids, Sorry we fucked it up and for leaving this beautiful home, Earth over to you in such a bad condition that it might be impossible to repair. Why do we not listen to people before us, with great knowledge and great responsibility? Because they was aware that every action starts with oneself, and every action comes from within.

We do not need to look for a new solution, it is already made

We need to live as the Buddha taught us to live, in peace and harmony with nature, but this must start with ourselves. All living beings have the same right to live stay and live in nature. The environment be saved if we move away from self-centeredness “If we are going to save this planet, we need to seek a new ecological order, to look at the life we led and then work together for the benefit of all; unless we work together, no solution can be found. By moving away from self-centeredness, sharing wealth more, being more responsible for ourselves, and agreeing to live more simply, we can help decrease much of the suffering in the world,” from the Buddhist Statement on Ecology 1996

It starts with a dream and end with action

We all start out as dreamers, the difference in going from a dreamer and into actions. To do this we need to start building bridges. We must never be satisfied with OK. We must not be afraid to play with big ideas and never afraid to ask the stupidest question.   We can all agree that Gandhi was a wise leader and his quote is definitely somewhat this world needs right now

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