Celebrate Earth day by taking small actions on everyday to do’s

Earth day celebration

Earth day was a reality 22nd of April 1970, the start of the most political and environmentally aware decade of last century. But it was nearly a year before in 1969 when Gaylord Nelson, the Earth Day founder, thought about the idea of celebrating Earth Day. He was pushed to the edge and sought after doing something that should have been a long time ago, after seeing the effects of the Santa Barbara oil spill. Part of his agenda was to make the people aware of the ill effects brought about by large companies and their exploitation of global common resources without any concern about the effects done to the environment. And so on the 22nd of April the following year, millions of Americans wen to the streets to take part in environmental rallies and protests.

Earth day 2012

Earth Day went global and in 1990 over 200 million people from over a hundred countries participated. More and more countries participated in conservation of nature. We all need to share their common goal of a clean environment and the work continues today, but now in urgent matter.  The effects brought about by climate change can evidently be seen in the world. Some people might deny the scientific research but it’s irrelevant because we are simply using more global resources than Earth has in stock.

Global estimated stock check on world of non-renewable resources

Did you know that with the same speed such as Indium who is the major part to make solar panels and LED screen is 13 years. So from a design viewpoint to work with sustainable fashion design is essential. Not only shall products that are 100% recyclable be mandatory but to make them 100% with renewable energy resources as well. In fact some human made things are producing more energy than using. What people refer to as up cycling.  But the world is not perfect; the main thing is that everybody takes responsible actions. Have you done your part to take part in keeping the world livable place for the future generations?  There’s a lot you can do.


Awareness is one of buddha jeans brand values. Increasing your awareness of the things that you can do will help the environment. By increasing your awareness, you can avoid doing things that can be harmful to the environment.  Learn to cherish the small things by doing small actions.

Take Part in Local Projects

There are surely environmental activities planned within your own community. Contact your community officials and ask how you can take part. There may be tree-planting projects, community clean-ups, and other activities dedicated to saving the environment.

Go Green

To start go green by making actions about daily to do things, little by little they grow into habits, the new habits for a new future. Think twice before throwing things away, there is always a way to decompose or even use the materials for something else. We call it up cycle or res conceptualize.  Segregate your trash at home, make use of recyclable materials, cut the use of plastics, and use your bicycle instead of your car. These are things that you can do throughout the year, not just on Earth Day.
If you like to read more about the environmental battle in the 70’s my own story when I was 10 years in 1975 who was a son of a green activist and the things that happened then, please read the post (see image below) The truth, a story about green activism in the 70’s

Kenneth Lyngaas
I always try to be positive & have great energy to share. I try hard not to be affected by negative energy from others. I think that life is to short and that I do not have time to be grumpy, its only me that suffers from it and people around me. I believe that the whole universe is inter-connected, always in change and not everlasting. All people needs to develop positive karma, this will help us in the future. We all need to take care of this planet as we are only borrowing for a short time. So let us pass it on in a better condition than when we borrowed it. Remember next time we come around we might be able to borrow it again. I belive strongly that in a time like this we need strong visionary people that view the world as one. Enjoy
Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
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