The new body culture, from tattoo to smart drugs

Facebook me

On Facebook we tell the world about our life, who we meet, what we ate and how much we lost or gained weight last week, then we text in our latest calculated figures to a weight watcher club who less than one second later deliver your. A total exposure to more people in less time than ever we desperately look for opportunities to be confirmed and taken notice at a feel comfortable with who we are.

Confirm to friends on your mobile that you still exits

As we hardly go out of our home without the mobile phone we really use it most of no other thing as a confirm, we simply call people we do not really have anything to talk about, we do not even the intention to make appointment. We do it to be confirmed, you have probable heard the conversation between people as they say; where are you now? I am here and still alive. I call you back in 5 minutes as I am in the bank and they call my name up, ok! I just called to say I am still hereWe need to get this confirmation that we still exist and that people remember but most of all for us self. In this exposure our body becomes a living retail window to sell, a new season every hour as the catwalk is filled with mobile videos and cameras. We are here now, fast and we stand for this in less time than ever. We are all connected.

 Facebook catwalk

Facebook-exposures I can know a lot of girls mostly but also a few boys that have hired pro stylists and photographers to take their images to use on Facebook and other social hot spot. The competition to get noticed and get responded too is harder than ever. Not only does one compete locally but also globally at the same time. A girl in New York might fight over the same boy even as he is your neighbor living across the street, and the New York chick 2000 kilometers away. Release of The Future Is Now April 21012


Kenneth Lyngaas
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Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
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