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On Facebook we tell the world about our lives, who we meet, what we had for dinner and the best way to lose weight. We expose to more people in less time than we meet in a lifetime 100 years ago and desperately look for opportunities we want confirmation. Many likes make you self-confident and pleased. The largest reason for using the Mobil phone is confirmation about your existent As we hardly leave home without the mobile phone (not voluntary), by mistake forget, most people go back home to get it even take the bus or subway.

There is hardly any important issue we discuss other than gossip or telling that you will be five minutes late. A mobile is a tool of confirmation “hello the world” I am still here as we seldom, in reality, nothing to talk about. We want to be seen not forgotten and sometimes listening to a conversation “where are you now? I am here and still home” or “I call you back soon I am in the bank.” Social media exposure made us into showroom dummies presented a window for a global audience; we take photos, pose, and exposure to the body in the best way possible. Like fashion catwalks, we pose using digital cameras. We live simultaneously in the real world and the cyber world, nevertheless forgets the beauty of nature around us, reading the incoming text messages while walking through the most fantastic park with flowers, trees, birds, lakes, and forget to inhale all the natural fragrances.

We are here now, fast and we stand for this in less time than ever. We are interconnected

To get exposure and likes, many use professional stylists and photographers to get the right look. The desperate need for confirmation is even harder online than in the real life. The Internet is global, when you publish an image it can, in theory, be seen by anyone with a connection, therefore the fight for exposure is not local, however global. A girl in New York might fight over the same boy even as he is your neighbour living across the street, while New York more than 2000 kilometres away. Still, the completion is a fact. The Facebook text from the research The Future Is Now published April 2012

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Kenneth Lyngaas
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Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
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