Megatrends Towards 2020


We drop out of fashion

The world around us seems sometimes totally out of control, our lack of ability to catch it and being here and now is difficult. Naturally, we come to a point where we feel loose of control and everything is a giant chaotic state. We stop and drop out. The capability to a grip disappears. Most people drop out of fashion, music, film or digital trends at one point. We tune out and our kids tune in, soon they are also turning out. Their kids continue this merry goes around in a quicker and faster way than before. Not unlike the wheel of life, death and to obtain enlightenment (Dharma wheel) this cycle goes on and every time we believe that we see, hear or feel as everything never had been done in the past. However, this, but this is far from the truth. And how many parents have not shaken their heads while the youngest turns up the volume to 11. Parents who scream out; turn of that noise off, you call it music? Its dam noise,” forgetting that they heard the same thing from their parents.


Where is the borderline between young, old, hippies or punks?likechameleons we change,adoptand paste into every situation we face, anywhere at any time. Walking global media, units receive, sending and sort out information andlaptop for a week; after a day or two see a pale, uncomfortable and most restless person. If the mobile phone was the modern cigarette Smartphones are the new Heroin, toeveryone, and he screams out that he did not understand much about it all. I replied as I sat next to him that it was good to hear because I do not understand anything as well.What do I know? I was thinking what do I really know? And I got this lost feeling that everything happening around me is unreal. One see and read all the news about that surrounds me.

The largest consumer group is also the wealthiest and oldest

Mobile phones make them with fewer unnecessary functions to an older consumer group.They are likely older people, now today the largest consumer group and also a dream consumer as they have cash more than average. What they do not have it’s the right products. Take, for example, a mobile phone. Cut out all the elegant stuff as Internet surfing, games, mp3, social media and fancy applications and gadgets. Add simply a modern classic high-quality phone. An everlasting quality phone with camera functions, text message, and a screen which easily makes the fonts in readable size and most of all have a excellent design. Instead of fancy stuff add a flashlight function so you can get your keys in the door when it’s dark and voice functions on important stuff. And most of all a classic design with extremely high quality, this age group does not ask for new models every six months, easy interface. Maybe the price on the phones is higher, but I assure you it would be successful. You can add this to almost all branches from banking to travel.

 It has always been chaos but is unable to see before now, but because the electric world of information is overloading us with everything that happens around the world and around our neighborhoods, we become confused and disoriented. It’s like an old saying; “being in the woods and not see it because of all the trees.”

There are many scientists, philosophers, analytics and others that have written about chaos theory and how we react. Chaos is the main reason that brings new brands, products and services in the world, but sometimes we lack and seem to forget of many crises it brings, How they change the patterns of social values and beliefs. Today a significant cause is that we start rejecting newness. We can’t stand products that do not work properly, can’t be repaired, difficult to use and so on. The number-one factor is the price still, but this will change. We will ask for quality, product extending life-cycle, longer-lasting products and require less energy to make and less energy to use.


Chaos, derived from the Ancient Greek Chaos) typically means a state lacking order or predictability. In ancient Greece, it original meant the first state of the universe, and, by extension, space, darkness, or a; and informally to mean a state of confusion, and in this case popular culture. Chaos is not a mega- trend; it’s a constant reason still changing the world all the time. In eastern philosophy and religion like such as Buddhism the world named Samsara (the world we now live in). This chaotic world of chaos, anger, hate, confusion and love is an endless circle of lives and deaths. In eastern Philosophy and religion, the theory and law of karma (karma means) apply. It’s a word we use all the time so easy.

The law of Karma is basically quite simple; everything you do in life is not totally separate from other happenings, but it’s all linked together in an endless flow of incidents who change directions and influence everything we say or do in life, positive, negative or neither. Called impermanence and is an ever-changing situation. So from this philosophical viewpoint it might be easier to understand that everything we do, say, goes, stay, travel, sport, meditates, shop or meet people linked together in some way or another, and from our personal karma. This research is not about chaos but about a few mega- trend directions that come out of extracting it.Actions determining the future state in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, quality of somebody’s current and future lives as determined by that person’s behavior in this and in previous lives.

What will challenge us in the years to come? How can somebody tell how the future will look like? There is no Bible on what is right, definite, exact or precise about tomorrow. However, I will remind you of Marshall McLuhan words;
A friend said the future is the present. If you really are curious about the future, just study the present. Only those who have learned to perceive the present can predict the future. They need only to predict what has already happened by being the first to see through pattern recognition. For the future is the future present.

Purple Magazine

Purple Magazine puts it in this brilliant way.
Purple fashion Magazines are probably the leading magazine, or I like to call it a manga – book a trend in magazine publishing who is on it’s a new way, a hybrid between a magazine and a book in the sense that fashion magazines are more and more becoming a study of popular culture, much more than just focusing on fashion only, but on earth, music, architecture, cars, music, social media and so on. I really like to call it maga-book. I also believe this the future of serious magazines, due to the cost of them and the seen it had done it attitude of these so short lasting popular culture magazines (basically monthly editions).
Photographers in their feature articles and fashion shoots, so they focus much more on a long-term trend in fashion, music and art than their competitor that makes this magazine more interesting to study or read, in a far more form intelligent The French magazine Purple is on the other way keeping about the same artists, models and why.
I really like to refer to this intro by Editor Oliver Zahm of Purple Fashion Magazine, spring, summer 2010 issue 13, Purple EDITO. So let’s this be the opening of my explication of the mega trend in this manga magazine. Purple Magazine has a strong conceptual feel and is very much an image of its editors. Its matter of taste, However, if you want to take a look at the creative artistic sphere of fashion, then it’s Purple.

People often complain to me that Purple features the same click of people, whether from Paris, Tokyo, London, or New York. I admit that this may be true. I was confronted by this when I was selecting about 100 women – most of who have been in purple a several times already – to model for the magazine and to incarnate the Purple style. I know that such repetition seems to contradict the nature of contemporary magazines, which are constantly supposed to promote new faces, names, and talents. But I disagree. To me the best magazines are not to about cultural promotion, the latest trends and sensations. They are more about defending a scene and creating an artistic community over time.
Purple always takes a more artistic approach, one based on the work and talent of the people I really love, who is a part of my life, and who transform my vision of what’s happening now. They may have just emerged on the scene, or they may already be established. In any case, it’s still a small group, one that grows slowly from one issue to the next. At the end of the day, this is why magazines are not more than portraits of their editors – Warhol at Interviewed magazine, David Hillman and Harri Peccinotti atNova Magazine, or my peer Jefferson Hack of Dazed & Confused, whom I interviewed for this issue.  So the question is what is the central point that links together our Purple community, which includes me, all the people in the magazine, and you, the reader? The best definition might be the title of the Sonic Youth album, “Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Stars.” -Oliver Zahm Purple magazine


What is a megatrend

A major shift in cultural behavior that influence different subjects within the environment around us; including communication, media, music, fashion, retail, art. A mega trend is not a fad, a megatrend last for a longer period of time from 3 -5 years.

Mega trends are the basic foundation for developing of creative design and marketing of brands, especially for fast consumer moving goods, brands, media and services, in this presentation the main focus is how the fashion Industries influence by this mega trend to develop concepts for design of fashion lines and also marketing that will in order complement the ideas of the product line. If you are a marketer and interested in how these trends influencing innovation of new products, services, advertising and PR values, ways of thinking and how to develop the concept from mega trends. This might be the book you’re looking.

The book starts each chapter of mega trend in a short and understandable way, each divided into distinctive subjects with a broad base of pictures, illustrated models, and interviews with professionals in their different professions. This is a popular science book about mega trends and underlying subjects, and don’t go particularly deep into any subject, if you want to find out more on each mega trend and sources to explore the subjects closer, you will find it the appendix and glossary at the end of the book with reference books, magazines, articles and web addresses. The main focus of this book is to make it understandable how every mega trend, concepts and micro trend linked together and are not any longer separated like it used to be, but today companies, technology, science, hybrid products, media, fashion, art, political subjects, finance crises and services in any direction created out of some kind chaos and in order.

The book written for all kinds of people interested in the world of consumer mega trends, but maybe especially for people working in the fields of marketing, communication and design. Hopefully, students in the same fields will find the book useful and also ordinary consumers who want to find out why we buy into new products and services? The mega trends are not particularly taking the pulse of everyday short trends (fads), like such as this seasons trend color for jeans, houses or cars, or this season length of the skirts. This book focus is to give you the idea we see in mega trends, how this trend makes it possible to turn them into business concepts, products, fashion or services like Star bucks, Diesel, Facebook or Twitter. Daily products and services we take for granted in our life.

However chaotic the world might see if you look close enough or have a perspective you will soon see patterns, ideas and research colliding together in a big melting pot. Out of the pot, we see new products; services developed concepts you never before heard about, and suddenly before you know it take root in your mind-set and create brand new ideas and concepts.

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Wish you happy Karma Yoga Kenneth Buddha Jeans.


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