1970’s original environmentalists style and fashion part one


A decade of fashion, happenings and youth culture in the 1970s

1970s stared innocently with flower-power we love all hippies and ended in 1980 with the sound of machine guns , bloody dark messages written with bullets holes all over the place as we learned and added new terms in a dictionary “A like in AIDS og T like in terrorisme”.

I was a nearly a teenager in 1975, a ten year old boys that felt older than I really was. My envy was tov the boys one or two classes above me at school,  looked cool with flares and 10 cm plateau shoes. I felt as miserable as mum when she denied me the them. I hear her voice you’re too young for wearing and handed over a pair of brand new Vans instead. I was always at the wrong place at the right time.  I was too young to be a hippie and in reality too young to be a punk. Punk that my parents hated as hell,  was like opposites negative and positive in batteries on me .The more they hated it the more I loved it.  Punks fitted me perfectly, their arrogance “fuck you no respect to authorities”, spiked hair,  pins stuck through the noses, their attitude and loud and noisy music divided society,  made any older than twenty sick, they hated it, and those younger loved it. In 1977 my teenage hormones did the job as they knocked first mum out and then dad. They had to “give in to get out” Finally I was satisfied and proud, wearing my first pair of  Levi 501 jeans and Dr. Martens high black boots with red shoelaces.

Sex Pistols God Save The Queen

Wearing over the shoulder at school a beatbox larger than a Volkswagens bus. The Sex Pistols song Good Save The Queen streamed out of the speakers and I knew I cool cause girls always wanted to be around me, the only thing I wanted in return was batteries as the beat box took more energy required than my extra job could pay for. So  they were ordered to steal them for me or piss off.  It did not go long before the music stopped. The beat box was soon confiscated by a louder than bombs angry headmaster, I got letter that he said to give my parents at home. He looked stupid,  nobody except the writer read it. I could only guess “your son  is expelled for a week and ordered….” I just spit on his shiny shoes while transforming the letter into puzzle in front of him. Left school without papers or exams never too come back. Nevertheless, when the decade was  over we felt like adults living in a suburb that got it all and very soon station wagon, kids and a dog with mortgage difficult to pay.

The series Original environmentalist of all time have finally arrived 1970’s, the most radical and political dangerous  decade of last century.  In Less time than a decade;  flower power hippies shit, innocent mop tops, flower skirts and school uniforms. The boys played with Monopoly and if the girls were dirty it must been a dream.

David Bowie Station To Station told us about the future

Nevertheless, David Bowie song Station To Station gave us the view of a new time as it sat the scene in the dirties story ever told about Christiane F. Her story from became mandatory for any classes at school.  David Bowie had a crystal bowl in witch he told the future, a living trend barometer and cold electronica Brian Eno cleaned soundscape. We came to know Berlin by scenes from the dirty train station Banhhof  Zoo and the music of Station to Station rolling over the landscape. Gave us bad dreams at night when skinny Christiane F setting an almost deadly shot of smack before going into dream land.

Christiane F.and the children at Banhof Zoo

The book and later on film by Christiane F. so pale fucked-up gave us a warning of times to come. Youngsters in Berlin lived with a light that burned in both ends and they died young as Berlin became the mirror of a huge problem to come; Heroin. The young addicts frequented the dirty and hard clubs in Berlin. Bowie was larger than life and to get a concert ticket was more than an addict could ask for. Heroin is a demanding friend, destroying everything beautiful. Christiane F  survived and gave us the truth about Heroin and a life far away from any other teenagers I knew, however it did not take long before people around us disappeared.  The life in Berlin was a mirror on what happened in other cities simultaneously. Even now, people started to wake up of a bad dream in the suburbs of America. End Part One.

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