Weekly novel clicks painting on the walls with Banksy and friends

The urban landscape as a canvas remains constant

“I am fixing a hole were the architect forgot”  Kenneth All those little holes and empty spaces that architects, media sellers, buyers, house owners and all others has been overseen was suddenly filled with messages, images that spoke directly to you. I could see men I suits standing alone laughing and they looked like raving lunatics as they was looking at Banksy stencil art the ape .

The grey winter was over

I started around 1995 to pay attention to some new refreshing tags and marks on the walls, gone was the large marker up pens and unstructured tags, car paint splash and hip hop graffiti that I usually saw around, not a bad word about graffiti, because hip hop was a major factor that I got interested in urban street art. It was all Rock Steady Crew, Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five, Kraftwerk, Beat Street, Hip Hop and graffiti that occupied my mind then. When I think about it for me stencil art are a mix of 6o% Kraftwerk and 40% hip hop and that probably why its feels more refine and intellectual than it really are. (slide from New York Subway 1984) The movie Beats Street gave my arm goose hair. I still remember we saw Beat Street on Cinema, even before we walked out of the doors I already got the job to get car paint or aerosols. It’s was very expensive, extremely adult and almost dangerous. But since I always have bad luck it happened. I just got a summer job at a large hardware Import company and they sold tools, car parts and paints to larger outlets, mechanics, car repair shops, car dealers and to me included.

Yes, I did steel car paint

I am sure I can ease my guilt now because I must admit I stole 90% of them. As a reward I must have done one of the first pieces of graffiti I Oslo. Under a bridge the motive of an octopus dancing with a monster big cassette deck where the tunes streaming around. If you see a graffiti artwork dancing octopus painted in fluorescent green and orange in the City of Oslo – The only strange thing must have been that it was neon fluorescent green and orange because I stole from a delivery that was going to some large road project, mostly used as road marks.

My juxtapose collection of urban street art

The pieces presented are a few of my best original shots. They are all taken around the world, dated around 1998 – 2005. I just released a photo stream with nearly 100 art works not long ago, unfortunately not available any longer. All images are from my private collection of original photos taken. In case you want to buy original work for any purpose please send me an request. Stencil art, graffiti stencils, streets art or Eye-Candies There are different terms to it but I prefer to call it I – candies, they can be an old wall that has been faded nicely or a tiny forgotten space you see as you walk by. There in the streets have they found an open art gallery a place between large billboards, fly poster and corporate advertising. And a few of this eye candies have more visitor’s per day than the Louvre.

Is stencil art it vandalism?

No, it organized and planned. Often the text with image is mix enough, but in stencil and street art you must add site. When add 3rd dimension to the piece and found the right place then it became an instant classic. The finest aspect works best when it’s planned. The place, the time, size and colors often picked before handed. Stencil  art around the world. Today it global phenomena of art, the leading artist as well established artist who have their art in their national museums and gallery a few of them are into corporate advertising.

A stencil brief history

I will not go through the history of stencil street art but from development of signs and signals, the political strong military propaganda, especially from southern part of Europe and Latin America in the 1920-1930’s Rauschenberg and Warhol. In the late 50 and 60’s with pop art artist Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol who used hybrid mass media screen printing and ionized it commercially. Later terrorist The Basques in the 80’s, took the modern form, and in the 80’s The Ecole Beaux-Arts student Blek le Rat and Gèrard moved their art out in the suburban streets of Paris.

About weekly novel clicks and buddha jeans

  • Talented people I have never in my life seen so many talented and skilled people around the world than on the net. Every day I learn something new. And it seems like we are a little bit more helpful and friendly on the net, as if we got a new chance to make up for bad shit we might have done in the past.
  • Electric age We live in the electric age where the simple numbers of ” zeros and ones” makes the pattern of a spider web so fine-tuned that I can present today my favorite hand-picked stuff around the globe. Only for you
  • Karma Imagine that we all together used this enormous power to do the cause of good things to happen. If we all together started by helping another one, by sharing, by telling the truth instead of lying to prove our actions or business goals.
  • We must all take responsibility It’s up to every one of us to take responsibility, from every single household to mega corporation, if you cut by 25%, the company must also cut their margins. We must learn to simplify our life’s and learn how to maximize quality and use every single object in design and services
  • Up-cycle, re purpose, re – cycle – remake –redo I believe that quality will replace price as main driver for consumer products in the years to come. We strive to create jeans wear with less harm to the environment, and make sure that we keep the level of quality high. Then we might need to drop a few things and make the jeans in a new and different way.
  • Do not follow trends simply because somebody told you If the trends are as today to buy second-hand look” with a stonewashed process and sand blast to create holes than buddha jeans will not follow. The processes are making a large and unnecessary negative impact on the environment and, cut the life-cycle of the jeans with more than 50%.
  • Wear In, not out Make sure you wear them in and trade or sell your jeans as second-hand when the time comes, or give them away to local market designers who transform them into a bag or shoes to sell on the market.
  • Buddha Jeans design philosophy Therefore our design philosophy based to create smarter solutions and not following trends that harm the environment unnecessary. I believe that denim people today understand how important this is . You probably heard it before, we can’t win the heart of all the consumers but we can be able to give it to those who shares our ideas of a true sustainable  fashion design




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Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
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