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Novel clicks on Global street art

The totality of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, philosophy, music, design, art and creativity gain popularity across the world in a faster way than ever before. Things and ideas become the standard of mass consumption in real-time

My personal best

Every weekend I pick out a few of my personal favorite videos, images and curiosities. The videos will not only be about sustainable design or fashion. Even for a devoted fashion soul it will be boring to only do or view fashion 24hrs. Besides impulses from others work whatever media they use is very inspiring. I like to believe this is why art, design, technology is evolving so fast because on the internet is makes it so fast to deliver your work to so many possible share your works to others who learns from it  this image is a very special for me as it was å taken at ground zero less than one year after the terror act its worn out, a few states missing. But a nation that will survive

Street art

I my source of inspiration of the week this week my focus have been street art in various forms. For me my real interest in street art started in 1994 travelling around in Venezuela. Before that I had done a few walls of graffiti. It was at the same time the cultural manifesto of hip hop  culture was released with the movie Beat Street. It was great graffiti art, but did not get me real hooked before 1994. I also manage to get a copy of an amazing book ! La mueras ” In the cit The City of New York have always been a place where great artists have done their best work reputation by Kenneth at buddha jeans Architects create space and form around that at it best can be livable, but has a dozen of limitations as they cliens have rigid form of specifications. In fact too many people involved in the decision making. Otherwise we would have remembered so many more buildings, airports  and bridges.

Street landscape

Street artist on the other side often work alone, plan out where, when, finds hidden walls, the right places to make a comment and it can be next-door the mail carrier who is the artist. For me street artists make those forgotten holes in the city scape into art galleries where you can take a break, see something that makes you wake up or simply makes you  smile. Street artists makes my daily life livable, get me curious and inspire me

The digital pulse

I try to take a pulse on the digital life outside my blog and dive into the history of Pop culture. To presented it in a different angle than most other do. And that is the idea; instead of give you exactly what everybody else. I think it’s better to have a few who like what you present that jut have a lot of stuff nobody really care about. So before I start talking about my usual serious stuff I present The theme Space Invader was found at the most curious places in Paris around and around others cities as well. Electric age We live in the electric age where the simple numbers of ” zeros and ones” makes the pattern of a spider web so fine tuned that I can present my favorite hand-picked stuff The Novel Clicks every week for my fans


Imagine that we all together build up positive energy and used this enormous power to do the cause of  doing good things instead of bad. And focused on what we need to do and not waste our positive energy on negative souls. Why not look at the solutions not the problems. That is the attitude of buddha jeans. We can all together tart helping another, to become more careful with nature care. To tell the truth instead of lying about the situation and prove our actions or business goals, admit to change. Quality is our mantra We believe that quality will replace price as main driver for consumer behaviour

Do not follow trends simply because somebody told you

When it comes to particularly short trends or fads in the fashion market, I need to take a standpoint. I need sometimes to give up my design look when creating a new pair of buddha jeans™ if it does not meet my standards that my guide lines tells me. Then I need to check and resist a few things and make my jeans differently. If the trends are as today when the look are “buy a second-hand look” and involve production to a stonewashed and sand blast process I have to say no. Then I must think how I can capture people who have the same idea that I have. Because I can’t or won’t need please them all as longs as I set the environment before fashion trends it is my way

Wear In, not out

will make sure you wear your jeans in and when time comes sell them, recycle or give them away to local designers who transform them into locally made new products as shoes, bags or pillows. They sell the transformed jeans in a market or store. Our you can if you have treated you jeans with care and avoided to wash them to often you can probable sell them with a higher price in a 2nd hand sore than you originally bought them for.

Large brands you can do better

I personally think its silly to produce new jeans with the intention of make them look so worn out that most mothers would have thrown them in the bin. Instead they get some fashion geek to buy them with more money than taste.m Therefore my design philosophy must create smarter solutions when the rules limited. Instead of following trends we create them. If you want to innovate to not ask for opinionated what you do. Try not to please everybody. You can lose a battle or two but you win the war, By doing so you win the heart of your followers and people who share your ideas of a true sustainable fashion design. You need to follow your mantra as well Stop buying three pairs of jeans, buy two instead. Wash your jeans less often only less than think is needed.

Kenneth Lyngaas
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Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
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