The true original environmentalists

Searching for the pioneers and true original environmentalists

Buddha –  Gandhi –  Albert Einstein  – Arne Næss  – Greenpeace – Global Earth Day – World Wildlife foundation – Deep Ecology – United Nations Environment Network

With this in mind searching for the style and fashion of  environmentalist in the 1970’s started a job that most people at that time thought was rubbish.  It was a dirty job but someone gotta do it!  A large part of the established society looked upon them as criminals. But today the status is different. I want to look into their codex of favourite clothes and fashion; anorak, shoes, pants, tees, facial hair,  music and art. But first I will dive into the scenes behind the main story and find the ancient environmentalist

The true original environmentalists

The story about the true environmentalists  from the early actions in  1970’s can’t start without their inspiration of great thinkers and cultures.   The first religious texts talking about taking care of the environment can be found in Hindu holy books dated 8000 years ago;  stories upon to act careful and keep the forest healthy. In all native cultures who have lived in harmony with nature there is one commend sentence I always keep in mind; nobody can posses and own the land, only use it for making their tribe survive.

1970’s was the most extreme political decade

The 1970’s  was  a decade of political activism and clashes on democratically level . A time of extreme right and left-wing terrorism, as the sky of dope from the 60’s blow away and a new reality started. A time to take actions instead of talking, about the environment but also other issues as American influence and people living in those  countries stated to say upon what was happening. In German society the younger people started to see the truth of American imperialism . The hard cover political talk was over and moved into the underground where terrorism  was created amongst intellectuals in the  university environments. It became to the extreme, highest and most uncompromising level in modern history.

Baader Meinhof modern intellectual terrorists

With terrorist cells as Baader Meinhof, RAF (rote arme fraction), IRA who the party members from Sinn Fein was clearly seniors . Sinn Fein still fight for the rights today but in a less violent way. Modern intellectual terrorism where Baader Meinhof with the journalist Ulrike Meier and Andreas Baader was in reality creators of modern intellectual terrorism. Fashion today is one of the most polluting industries as it takes ac lot of water to grow cotton and heavy use of pesticides kills not only animals and unwanted plants but also workers. One might think people sewing the clothes in large factories is treated badly but even worst is the situation for thgose farmers growing cotton. In India dies thousands of people every year due to chemicals used.

In year 2000 we presented the mega trends for Levi Strauss that indicated a mega-trend  within the way we design products. A shortage of global resources and a reaction to big brands exploitation of global resources have started. We still work  with a long-term vision, sustainable fashion design are much more than just a fad therefore I stress that our real work in  this field started in the late  90’s . To show people a new way of living is not just a short fasd.

Large brands and Eco trends

Even dough big brands and a large amount of the major players in this field uses Eco as a new tool of  marketing their brands. I do not want to focus my positive energy about it; they must have to search with truth and ethics to stand for it. Whatever they claim now, water free, non wash, not sand blasted or…that just proves that they go where the trend wind goes, with a team of PR agencies holding their hands.  I will present the fashion at the time of the 70’s amongst the Environmentalism. Who was the Originals, how did they dress, their favourite brands and haircuts. People might think that they did not have any style but that is not the truth. To have no style is to have a style.

70’s was  a decade of true fashion ethnic groups

Environment ethnic groups  had their preferences  as anybody else; their favourite  brands, equipments, references, style of design and personality, Growing beards and facial hair . I will publish a series over the next weeks so subscribe if you like it, as its important for me to know on a personal level.  This will be an ongoing story on 5 or 6 chapters during a period of  August and September. Hope this can bring inspiration and a trend input among modern environmentalist from fast Eco fashion  to intellectual fashion views.Live simple, ask for less and be positive and be friendly to all living beings

Next article will be The Buddha environmentalist of all times

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