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Buddha jeans are a twenty-first century sustainable community and Eco clothing company. All posts, illustrations, look books and dictionaries are original work by fashion designer and founder Kenneth. Written with passion for people who loves fashion and care for the environment. We live in a time of transition, what we are today come from our thoughts of yesterday the bridge to a better sustainable future could only make possible from our thoughts and action. Our life is the creation of our mind.

Founder & Creative

Kenneth is the founder of buddha Jeans Company and the blog host and editor of sustainable fashion design by buddha jeans. In 1999, he began working and preaching about need of a change towards sustainability in how we can produce, make and consume products in a new way. Read more about his philosophy.

Digital Manager

Mohd. Shoeb, Marshall is our Digital Manager. He is the buddha jeans blog technical developer and also work for development and maintenance of the other blogs and websites on buddha jeans network. Marshall has interest in blogging, travelling, pets and photography. He can be reached on twitter @lovemarshall.

Amazon rainforest protection

More than 20 percent of the Amazon rainforest is already gone, and much more is severely threatened as the destruction continues.If nothing is done to curb this trend, the entire Amazon could well be gone within fifty years. We sell our new organic cotton tote bag $7 and give 50% of the online sales to rainforest protection.

How to design sustainable?

In a new series of post the most well-known approaches to sustainable fashion design will be presented with their advantages and disadvantages. Sustainability is complex, and none of the tools presented will fully cover the topic. However, a combination of the different approaches can lead to a bigger understanding of sustainability.